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Angry Sanders supporters reluctant to back Clinton

​​Supporters of former Democratic nomination contender Bernie Sanders are outraged at party corruption, which begs the question of whether they will support Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

Chinese, Russian FMs agree to be vigilant to outside forces stoking regional tension

​​Chinese and Russian foreign ministers have agreed here to be vigilant to outside forces that stoke regional tension through various excuses and internationalize bilateral disputes.

Chinese FM calls for end to politicization of South China Sea issue, urges parties to return to negotiations

​Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has called for an end to the political manipulation and sensationalization of the South China Sea issue.
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  • "Pokemon Go" fever hits Hong Kong, with warnings added
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  • Singapore government to monitor impact of Pokemon Go on society
  • New pictures released as Britain's Prince George marks third birthday
  • Museum of London opens exhibition for Great Fire of 1666