A Chinese special envoy on Thursday met the families of Chinese passengers aboard a missing Malaysia Airlines jet, while a Japanese satellite spotted more floating objects in the Indian Ocean possibly related to the plane.


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China denies U.S.-Japan alliance's Diaoyu Islands bearing
China denies U.S.-Japan alliance's Diaoyu Islands bearing On Thur,Apr 24,2014 , In Full Article

The US-Japan alliance, a bilateral arrangement made in the Cold War, should not undermine China's territorial sovereignty and legitimate rights, a Chinese spokesman said on Wednesday.

Abe's Yasukuni offering rapped by disaster-stricken S.Korea
Abe's Yasukuni offering rapped by disaster-stricken S.Korea On Wed,Apr 23,2014 , In Full Article

Japan was a friend of South Korea one time and an enemy the other as history says. Now, at a time when Japan may have become a heartfelt neighbor, or at least not an enemy, to South Korea, its leadership decided to add fuel to the flames of its bereft next-door neighbor by visiting the

Indonesia ready to face Japan's plan to file complain to WTO
Indonesia ready to face Japan's plan to file complain to WTO On Fri,Apr 25,2014 , In Full Article

The Indonesian government is ready to face the Japanese plan to file a complaint to WTO on the Indonesia's policy to bar export of raw mining products, including nickel ores, a minister said here on Thursday.

Philippine bourse retreats following drop in US equities
Philippine bourse retreats following drop in US equities On Fri,Apr 25,2014 , In Full Article

The Philippine stock market retreated on Thursday following the drop in the U.S. equities.

India's ruling Congress party complains against Modi's huge road show
India's ruling Congress party complains against Modi's huge road show On Fri,Apr 25,2014 , In Full Article

India's ruling Congress party Thursday complained to the independent Election Commission against main opposition Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)'s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi's road show in the holy city of Varanasi, after being apparently rattled by the huge turnout.

Rural body members resign in Indian-controlled Kashmir as threat looms large
Rural body members resign in Indian-controlled Kashmir as threat looms large On Thur,Apr 24,2014 , In Full Article

More than three dozen scared rural body members including women in Indian-controlled Kashmir tendered resignations following the killing of their two colleagues.

Bluefin 21 completes 95 pct of underwater search area with nothing found: JACC
Bluefin 21 completes 95 pct of underwater search area with nothing found: JACC On Fri,Apr 25,2014 , In Full Article

Bluefin-21 is currently completing mission 13 in the underwater search area and has now completed approximately 95 percent of the focused underwater search area with nothing found, the Joint Agency Coordination Center (JACC) confirmed in the latest update on Friday.

New Zealand offers new visa to encourage trade with Turkey
New Zealand offers new visa to encourage trade with Turkey On Thur,Apr 24,2014 , In Full Article

New Zealand is to offer a new three-year multiple-entry visa to make it easier for Turkish business people and diplomats to visit, Immigration Minister Michael Woodhouse announced Thursday.

Philippines apologizes for 2010 Manila hostage crisis
Philippines apologizes for 2010 Manila hostage crisis On Thur,Apr 24,2014 , In Full Article

The Philippine government expressed its most sorrowful regret and profound sympathy, and extended its most sincere condolences for the pain and suffering of the victims and their families in the bus hostage crisis that happened in Manila in August 2010, according to a joint statement

Hong Kong chief executive meets U.S. Congressional delegation
Hong Kong chief executive meets U.S. Congressional delegation On Wed,Apr 23,2014 , In Full Article

Hong Kong Chief Executive C Y Leung on Tuesday met with a visiting U.S. Congressional delegation at the Chief Executive's Office this afternoon to exchange views on issues of mutual concern.


On Thur,Apr 24,2014

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry voiced outrage Wednesday against Russia's intention to set up border controls at the straits separating Crimea from Ukraine.

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Rule of law essential for faith in petition system

Rule of law essential for faith in petition system

On Fri,Apr 25,2014

The rule of law should be highlighted in advancing China's ongoing reform of its petition system, an important channel for the public to vent their grievances but one many regard as riddled with factors endangering social stability.



Property market cools down amid rigid lending

On Fri,Apr 25,2014

The slowdown of the property market that was mainly seen in China's third- and fourth-tier cities last year has spread to more areas, and analysts warn of a tough 2014 for developers.

On Fri,Apr 25,2014

While people are eagerly betting on the future of a slowed economy in China, a senior official has said it may take a relatively long time for a string of policies announced recently to take effect as this Chinese "remedy" eyes more than buoying growth.

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BBC unveils line-up for world's largest music festival

On Fri,Apr 25,2014

The world's largest annual music festival Thursday announced its 2014 line-up, with the global reach of classical music placed at the heart of its eight-week program.

BBC unveils line-up for world's largest music festival

Britain celebrates Shakespeare's 450th birthday

Britain celebrates Shakespeare's 450th birthday

William Shakespeare's hometown Stratford-upon-Avon on Wednesday celebrated his 450th birthday with a massive fireworks display, while a major theater in London launched his famous play "Hamlet" on a two-year global journey

British most iconic images to be shown on London Southbank

British most iconic images to be shown on London Southbank

From the literary giant William Shakespeare's plays to the apple tree in front of the farmhouse of the great scientist Isaac Newton, Liverpool band the Beatles to the popular TV series of Downtown Abbey, nearly 20 most iconic


Global Vipassana Pagoda in Mumbai

Global Vipassana Pagoda in Mumbai

On Wed,Apr 9,2014 , In Full Article

The shape of pagoda is a copy of the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, Myanmar. The inside of the pagoda is hollow and serves as a very large meditation hall with an area covering more