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U.S. presidential campaign complicates ratification of Pacific trade deal

​​Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Bernie Sanders's smashing victories in the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday have complicated the path for U.S. Congress to approve the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) deal this year, with the booming anti-trade fervor haunting the 2016 presidential campaign.

Scientists detect gravitational waves 100 years after Einstein's prediction

​In a historic announcement, scientists said Thursday they have for the first time directly detected the existence of gravitational waves, which were predicted 100 years ago by Albert Einstein's theory of general relativity, one of the two pillars of modern physics.

Spring Festival becomes bridge for cultural exchange between China, world

​As Chinese at home and abroad are celebrating the Spring Festival, or the Lunar New Year, people around the globe also take it as an opportunity to learn more about the Chinese culture and tradition.
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